Our mission is to educate, strengthen and support men towards responsible manhood and fatherhood. 



    Our Vision

    Healthy men empowered to cultivate healthy families


    About Us

    Established in 2012, the Man In Me supports fathers, father figures and families by providing equitable support to men seeking guidance towards responsible manhood and fatherhood. We accomplish this through mentorship, fatherhood programs, mental health workshops and access to resources available through our community partnerships. Our overall goal is to increase positive outcomes and healthy relationships in the lives of fathers, children, and families. We believe healthy men are empowered to cultivate healthy families and that healthy families are the foundation of strong communities.

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    Problem Statement:

    Fathers are not supported and undervalued in our community due to lack of education around their roles and limited resources to meet their needs, leaving fathers, children, and families susceptible to negative outcomes.


    Problem Statement From

    The Community's Perspective:

    Man in Me worked to develop a survey to ask their community if the problem was in fact the problem they were facing. The survey revealed that 83% of respondents believed fathers are not being valued and supported.

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  • Woman In Me

    The Woman In Me is designed to help women uncover the unique beauty and value that already resides with in them.

    We have monthly talk sessions about various topics.

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