• I.D.A.D.S.


    IDADS (Involved Dads of Action Developing and Succeeding) is an innovative program designed to strengthen families by reaching out to the fathers and father figures in the HACA communities. You do not have to be a resident of or exist on a resident lease with HACA to participate.

    This Program Provides:

    Fatherhood Education

    For 4 weeks, participants attend one 120-minute session for a total of 4 classes. There are a total of seven cohorts that take place on HACA properties throughout the year.

    Each training session is designed to build strong families by giving participants an opportunity to:

    1. Connect with helpful resources
    2. Develop communication and parenting skills
    3. Participate in an environment that encourages responsibility and accountability

    IDADS covers topics such as anger management, making positive choices, developing self-esteem and confidence, but most of all being a positive role model for their children.

    The program also hosts a men-only field trip and a family-focused program graduation.


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