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  • who we are

    Man In Me, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization whose mission is to serve men with care and support by providing them with a safe atmosphere to share their hopes and fears. Our passion is to restore hope for a positive transformation by providing them with the tools to become stronger men and fathers through support, resources, and educational programs.

  • What We Do

    • To educate the men and women to create unity in their families.
    • To promote mind changing patterns incorporating principles to strengthen thoughts in circumstances.
    • To give support and offer resources to build a stronger society.
    • To present unique, culturally diverse programs that would engage our generation to make a positive change.



    Men’s Programs:

    Men Talk

    The Man In Me Men Talk program is designed to help discover what is inside of the man. MIM Men’s programs are distinctive from others by implementing workshops to help discover the uniqueness and gifts of men. Sometimes it can be difficult for men to ask for help, but we just need to strengthen our grip on some situations to continue life. Our Men Talk Workshops is where “REAL” men talk. This is raw and uncut straight talk. You have a point of view on what it is being a man in this world? Here’s the chance to state your case. These group sessions are designed to engage men and bring self-awareness. Men from all cultures, and all walks of life, are being called to take back and strengthen their role as men.


    Navigating Fatherhood

    Fatherhood and Parenting group sessions. National Fatherhood Initiative – 24/7 DAD


    Anger Management Classes

  • Woman In Me

    The Woman In Me is designed to help women uncover the unique beauty and value that already resides with in them.

    We have monthly talk sessions about various topics.

  • Daddy & Daughter Hair Care Day

    Join us for our Daddy & Daughter Hair Care workshop, snacks and some daddy daughter bonding time.

  • The FIlm

    Man In Me: The Documentary


    Hosted by Marcus Griggs, Director of Fatherhood Services

    Click Here for more episodes of A Father Heard..

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